Carbon Speargun Tube With Deep Track C1

Carbon Speargun Tube With Deep Track C1

%100 carbon speargun barrel with deep built in track

Plug tube

Our NEW C1 %100 carbon speargun tube with thicker walls and a deep built in track replaces the older model C1 tube.  A Speardiver exclusive design it's the only one of it's kind, incorporating a DEEP built in track that accommodates up to 8mm shafts. The track walls rise to enclose the shaft to %50 of its diameter. The C1 is an exceptionally light and stiff carbon tube with a wall thickness of 3mm. Whether you're building a light maneuverable reef gun or a 4 band cannon this tube is a great choice. The inside diameter is 25.4mm and outside diameter is 31mm. The bottom of the track is 4mm up from the inside diameter. The tube is not plugged, included with each tube are two rubber plugs which can be used to seal it. If needed more rubber plugs are sold separately.

This carbon tube fits the spigot of (and the tube track lines up with) the following components:

  • Any custom build
  • Speardiver open muzzle
  • Beuchat Marlin handle and muzzle (trim down the track of the section of tube that will be inserted in the Beuchat handle sleeve).
  • Pathos D'Angelo handle and muzzle
  • Pathos D'Angelo 2 handle and muzzle
  • OMER Cayman handle and muzzle
  • Aimrite handle and muzzle
  • Merou handle and muzzle
  • Meandros stainless steel muzzles
  • MVD stainless steel muzzles
  • Rob Allen muzzle. Just cut off the sleeve around the muzzle spigot. We haven't tried cutting off the sleeve of the Rob Allen handle spigot, the tube may fit the handle too. Speardiver carbon tubes are very strong and the sleeve is not needed to reinforce the tube.

* Some adjustments to the parts may be necessary, such as trimming excess material or reducing the spigot diameter a little by sanding. The spigot will fit and the track will line up.

Available options

  • Tube plugged. We guarantee no water intrusion. Specify the distance of the plugs from each tube end in the message field at checkout.

** Please do not contact us for information on how to seal tubes. Rather choose the plug tube option before adding it to the cart and we'll plug it for you at the specified distances.

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