Speardiver SS 5/16 US Shafts
  • Speardiver SS 5/16 US Shafts

Speardiver Stainless Steel American Flopper Shafts

Stainless steel 9/32" and 5/16" American trigger notch shafts, with flopper, pencil point and full size sharkfin tabs
Shaft diameter
Shaft length

Heat treated 9/32" (7mm) and 5/16" (8mm) stainless steel American trigger notch shafts with a pencil point. The flopper is 3.125" long and is on the bottom. All 5/16" shafts have 3 full size sharkfin tabs. 9/32" shafts 60" or less have 2 full size sharkfin tabs, 62" and above have 3. The tabs are deburred/smooth and will accept Dyneema wishbones without fraying them.