Stainless Steel Speargun Handle Frame
  • Stainless Steel Speargun Handle Frame

Stainless Steel WONG Speargun Handle Frame

Stainless steel speargun handle for WONG spearguns, one piece frame with trigger guard
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316 Grade stainless steel speargun handle frame to fit Wong spearguns. Handle frame only, wood side grips are optional.

This Speardiver stainless steel handle frame is a drop-in replacement for the Wong speargun handle. The plastic Wong handle is known for it's poor ergonomics and durability, and the stainless steel handle is a great upgrade for your Wong speargun. The base plate has the same dimensions as the Wong handle with 3 screw holes in the same locations.

The Speardiver handle frame is designed with meticulous attention to detail, taking into consideration the very specific requirements of a speargun handle. The rake angle and finger spacing are optimized for maximum one handed leverage over the speargun, for ease of side to side and up and down tracking. The handle is compatible with the Speardiver side grips which are available in three styles; African Teak, Zebra wood, and Black Composite. Installation of the side grips is very easy, the handle has 3 built-in holes that precisely match the holes in the grips, which are fastened on with sex-bolts for a rock solid fit. You may also choose to cut your own wood side grips from your preferred wood.

Base plate dimensions:

Length 5.32" (13.5 cm)

Width 1.18" (3 cm)

Thickness 0.118" (3mm)

3 Stainless steel screws are included.