Speardiver Spearfishing Flashlight
  • Speardiver Spearfishing Flashlight
  • Speardiver Spearfishing Flashlight

Speardiver Spearfishing Flashlight

 270 Lumens LED spearfishing flashlight

The Speardiver Spearfishing Flashlight is our favorite light for daytime hole hunting and lobstering. It has an extremely durable aluminum casing, that unlike plastic flashlight casing will not crack if tossed around with heavy gear in a dive bag. With a diameter of only 1.25" this is a very compact and easy to grip light.

The Speardiver spearfishing light has a simple to use Magnetic Sliding ON/OFF Switch. Single handed thumb operation without any other settings to waste time cycling through, is ideal for spearfishing application. A Magnetic switch means there's no opening in the casing for the switch, that's one less place for water to get into the light. The screw-on rear cap is machined for a tight tolerance and seals with three O-rings.

The energy saving LED light provides great illumination with a tight focused beam. The three AAA batteries allow a long burn time, and are easy to find. Available with two color options: high visibility Silver, and Stealth Black to prevent sunlight reflection and flashes that could attract predatory fish. There are other nice looking compact waterproof flashlights that are marketed for spearfishing, but none cover all the details required by spearfishermen as thoroughly as the Speardiver spearfishing flashlight.


  • Bulb: CREE LED 270 lumens
  • Temperature (light color): 7000K
  • LED lifetime: 100,000 hours
  • Beam angle: 12 degrees
  • Hard anodized Black or Silver Aluminum casing
  • Triple O-ring protection
  • Magnetic slide switch
  • Waterproof to 330 ft / 100 meters
  • Uses three AAA batteries (not included)
  • 8 hour burn time
  • Dimensions: Length 6.3" (16cm), Grip diameter 1.25" (32mm), Head diameter 1.5" (39mm)
  • Weight with batteries: 9.4 oz (266g)
  • Lanyard is included