Speardiver Composite Speargun Reel
  • Speardiver Composite Speargun Reel
  • Speardiver Composite Speargun Reel

Speardiver Composite Speargun Reel

Horizontal reel, 180ft (55m) line capacity
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The Speardiver composite spearfishing reel features a robust and lightweight construction. One of its main advantages is the strength of the reel axle attachment point. With other composite reels the steel axle is anchored directly in the reel base, where the material is barely 1/4" thick. This can be a point of failure if strong sudden pressure is applied to the reel, such as when the drag is left locked by accident or the reel jams and a strong fish makes a run. The axle and spool may tear out of the reel base. By contrast the speardiver reel has a more robust axle, formed by a full length stainless steel shaft %80 of which is encased in the composite material which is part of the reel base.

A problem with many reels advertised as spearfishing reels is that they don't function correctly; when line is pulled the reel immediately goes into free spool. This means the brake/drag that was set before the shot loosens completely allowing the reel to spin freely. When line is pulled fast the free spinning reel has the potential to create a birds nest/tangle leading to the reel seizing and the speargun being pulled away. The speardiver composite reel has a correctly functioning drag system, the brake friction will remain at the level you set it before and after the shot, preventing a birds nest and maintaining the right amount of pressure on the fish.

Included with the reel is a choice of mounting base for either round bottom railguns, or flat bottom wood guns, and two #8 x 1” stainless steel pan head screws to attach mounting bracket to the speargun.

Reels are available spooled with 180ft of Speardiver X-Line 600LB 1.9mm %100 Spectra reel line.


Axle anchor point comparison



  • Line capacity 180ft (55 meters) with 1.9mm 600lb Spectra.
  • Fits all spearguns with standard reel mouthing bases such as Rob Allen Tuna
  • Dovetail mounting base for easy reel attachment and removal.
  • Cutouts in the spool walls reduce reel weight and decrease line drying time.
  • Smooth adjustable brake/drag system. Reel will not go into freespool when line is pulled.
  • Sliding stainless steel line guide.
  • Optional rear spool guard. It's secured with one phillips screw and is easily removeable.
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Weight 5.5oz (156g).