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Speardiver Predator Weight Vest
  • Speardiver Predator Weight Vest
  • Speardiver Predator Weight Vest

Speardiver Predator Weight Vest

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Red camo, 3mm double lined neoprene weight vest

The speardiver weight vest has 6 weight pockets which are positioned on the diver's back when the vest is worn. The weight pockets are accessible from the vest interior and have a velcro closure. Each pocket can take up to a 1.5lb (0.70kg) weight. The weights can be regular dive belt weights, or weights molded specifically for the vest pockets which have 3.5" (9cm) x 2.5" (6.5cm) interior dimensions. *We do not sell weights specifically made for the vest.

Matching the Speardiver Predator wetsuit, the weight vest is for cold water divers who use thicker wetsuits and require more weight and better weight distribution than what only a weight belt can afford. Better weight distribution may also be required when diving shallow, or by divers who experience lower back pain caused by the weight belt. The weight vest is not meant to replace the weight belt, but be used together with it. About two thirds of the weight should go on the belt so that in the event it becomes necessary to drop the belt, there will be sufficient increase in buoyancy to allow an easy ascent, and achieve positive buoyancy at a predetermined safe depth.

Size Chart for weight vests





5’4”- 6’

5’11”- 6’3”


150 - 210lb

190 - 250lb

An effective safe way to additionally secure the vest is with a bungee and ball. The ball is tucked under the weight belt, when the weight belt is dropped the weight vest is free to be removed by unclipping the buckle. The vest can be rigged to hold a knife. The weight pockets are also a good place to stash a car key or a fishing license if shore diving.


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