Speardiver Scrambler Spearfishing Knife
  • Speardiver Scrambler Spearfishing Knife
  • Speardiver Scrambler Spearfishing Knife
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Speardiver Scrambler Spearfishing Knife

Compact stainless steel spearfishing kill knife, with black Teflon coated blade
Knife straps

Knife specifications:

  • Quality Made In Italy
  • Total knife length: 7.67" (19.5cm)
  • Knife weight: 2.67oz (75g)
  • Handle length: 4.23" (10.5cm)
  • Handle material: PP
  • Blade length: 3.54" (9cm)
  • Blade thickness: 0.15" (3.8mm)
  • Blade characteristics: PTFE coated W 1.4116 stainless steel tempered to a 55-56HRC hardness
  • Sheath weight: 1.27oz (36g)
  • Choice of rubber straps; Marseilles (belt type) or with quick release plastic buckle



  • The distinguishing feature of this compact kill knife is the reduced width (crescent shape) near the handle, which makes it easier to twist and turn the knife once pushed into the fish's head, to quickly dispatch it.
  • Serrated edge to cut mono, cable, or fish. The serrated edge easily cuts through 400lb mono and is capable of cutting through stainless steel cable.
  • The blade is very stiff, it can be used to chip away rock to retrieve a stuck shaft, without fear of bending the knife tip or breaking the blade.
  • The black coating on the blade eliminates reflection of the sun and minimized the chance of attracting predators such as barracuda to the flash.
  • Being stainless steel even if the coating is scratched the knife blade will not rust.
  • 3 ways of securing the knife in the sheath; Using the built in rubber loop that goes over the end of the handle, the loop is removable. Using an optional bungee cord to loop over the tip of the sheath. Or both.
  • Sheath can be calf, or belt mounted.


Speardiver tip

We prefer removing the rubber loop and using a bungee, we find it to be the most secure system. In an emergency the bungee is stretchy enough to pull the knife out of the sheath by force without first unlooping the bungee. Still the knife will never come out on its own. The bungee loop can be used to put your hand through when dealing with a strong fish to prevent losing the knife if dropped.

If knife is calf mounted make sure it's on the inside of the calf to reduce the possibility of entanglement with discarded fishing line.