Speardiver Stealth Mask With GoPro Mount
  • Speardiver Stealth Mask With GoPro Mount

Speardiver Stealth Mask & GoPro Mount

Matte black skirt, low volume spearfishing mask with optional GoPro mount
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The Speardiver Stealth mask features an optional quick detach GoPro mask mount. The mask is available with or without the GoPro mount so please make sure to select the right option. Unlike other GoPro masks the Stealth GoPro mount is attached with a stainless steel Allen bolt, and comes with a stainless steel Allen key which allows installation and removal of the mount in one minute. This is not a generic GoPro Mount, it's designed specifically for the Speardiver Stealth mask and to our knowledge does not fit other masks. Once tightened the GoPro mount grips the mask hard and there is no shifting between the mask and mount. The Stealth GoPro mask mount only weighs 0.2 ounces practically not increasing the weight of the mask. It can be left on the mask ready to use with a GoPro camera, or kept off the mask until needed. A retnention nut is incorporated into the mount, all that's required to attach the GoPro is the housing thumb screw.

The Speardiver Stealth is a  low volume spearfishing and freediving mask. A minimalist approach was taken with its design, without compromising any of the details and functionality required from a freedive spearfishing mask. Extremely light weight at only 6 ounces (170g). The soft ample skirt provides an excellent seal with a wide range of face shapes. The skirt exterior is finished in a unique matte non reflective silicone. The frame above and below the lenses has a textured surface which allows a secure hold on the mask for flushing and repositioning, even with gloved hands. The Speardiver Stealth mask provides an excellent field of view in all directions. The mask strap length is adjusted by pressing two easily accessible push buttons. The mask strap is robust and stretchy.