Pigtail Snap & Swivel 450 lb
  • Pigtail Snap & Swivel 450 lb
  • Pigtail Snap & Swivel 450 lb

Pigtail Snap & Swivel 450 LB

Quick connect pigtail or corkscrew snap and swivel

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Professional grade 450 LB test pigtail/corkscrew snap and stainless steel ball bearing swivel, with double welded rings. Ideal for use in a muzzle bungee for quick attachment and disconnection of the shooting line.

There's a general misconception that the pigtail snap is difficult to thread the mono into. There are two reasons for this.

  1. Many divers don't know the right technique. Once you get this rotating motion right it's very easy to do even with gloves. It then makes using the coast lock snap difficult by comparison.
  2. Pigtail snaps from different manufacturers vary in shape. In some the coil/pigtail may be pressing too hard against the stem of the snap, making it difficult for the shooting line to pass. This is easily remedied by pinching the main bend of the snap with pliers to create a little more separation between the coil and the stem. Speardiver pigtail snaps are ready to use and no adjustment is necessary.