Speardiver International Inc is a Florida based company, offering a complete range of quality freediving and spearfishing equipment. Speardiver brand was started by US breath hold spearfishermen looking for the best gear to meet their requirements, at a time when diving equipment was only available from European manudacturers. For the most part this equipment was a subset of the already established scuba diving industry, not specifically designed for freedive spearfishing. Furthermore it did not measure up to the demands of rugged American style spearfishing, with its varied sea environment and large variety of fish species, often too large, strong and numerous for the gear to handle. Continuously experimenting with and modifying spearfishing equipment over the last two decades while keeping in step with the latest manufacturing technology, we ended up with the gear that works best. Input from divers about how we can improve and expand the Speardiver product line is facilitated through the spearfishing forum spearfishing.world. Before being offered to the public all Speardiver gear is tested by our local south Florida freedivers and then by freedive spearfishermen across the United States and the Caribbean.

Today our continuing goal at Speardiver is to provide the freediving spearo with the same no-frills, high quality gear that's uncompromising in its suitability for the task, at a fair price. All Speardiver freediving and spearfishing gear we use ourselves and recommend without hesitation.